Knife Display Case

Custom Design

Robert’s goal in designing this handcrafted custom knife display case was for it to become your most treasured keepsake. Robert is a professional furniture designer and maker creating heirloom quality pieces from his shop in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  As a classically trained woodworker, Robert uses old world techniques to craft each case in small batches. 

Made from rare select figured walnut

Robert uses the highest quality timber for his handcrafted custom knife display cases. He starts with rare highly figured walnut.  Walnut is treasured by furniture makers and designers for is gorgeous grain and tone, therefore you will love the gorgeous brown tone of the timber which is accented by black graining. Connect with Robert via the form below to inquire about a custom case from other timber types!

How it was designed and handcrafted

When designing the handcrafted custom knife display case case, Robert wanted the front pedestal to appear to be “chopped from the downward action of the knife blade.  The pedestal is constructed from laminations of solid walnut bent around a form to create the curved shape.  It is later cut to size and mortised into the base. The rear pedestal is carved to accept the knife handle and also mortised into the base.  A beautiful clear acrylic five sided top covers the entire case but can be easily removed to view or access the knife.  The underside of each case is numbered and stamped.  The case is finalized with several coats of shellac and then buffed by hand with oil and wax. 

Dimensions and pricing

Dimensions of the standard handcrafted custom knife display case are 12”Lx 6”H x 6” W which accommodates most knifes under 12 inches in length.     
Gorgeous custom knife (not included) graciously provided by RiverForge! These display cases are only crafted in small batches.

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