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Architectural Digest Magazine

Excited to see my work in this months Architectural Digest Magazine-

White Oak Tufted Ottoman. The piece was designed and built for a 1940s Volt British Colonial sited on the highest point on the Island of Palm Beach. The Ottoman was a collaboration of work between myself, John Scanlan (my bench mate at The Center for Furniture Craftsmanship) and Shelby Parker Design.

ART TALKS PRESENTATION – The Art of Fine Furniture

I had a wonderful afternoon presenting “Art Talks, the Art of Fine Furniture”. A lovely and attentive audience! Lots of talk about my design process, past and future work, and was hopefully able to convince all in attendance that fine furniture making and design is truly an art.

Announcement for ART TALKS Presentation

It is an honor to have been scheduled to present Art Talks – The Art of Fine Furniture at the Cultural Counsel for Palm Beach!

My latest work “Gathering Table” will be featured in the main gallery of the Gathering Exhibition in Palm Beach County from October to January.

In October 2019, Wolfkill Woodwork was featured by the Town Crier Newspaper.