Handcrafted Pistol Stand

Handcrafted Pistol Display Stand

Handcrafted pistol stand-For temporary display and photography of an unloaded weapon. We advocate firearm safety and advise to never leave your weapon unattended.

Robert Wolfkill is a professional furniture maker/designer creating one of a kind work from his studio near Palm Beach Florida. Handcrafted each pistol stand to order from select hardwood and velvet this stand worthy of displaying your prized possession.

Designed for full sized semiautomatic handguns and revolvers. Dimensions of this standard pistol stand is 13” L x 5.5”W x 5.75” H. Distance from center of velvet butt rest pad and center of front pillar is approximately 7” . The butt of your gun will rest on a recessed rear velvet pad and the front will seat into a handcarved front pedestal which is customized to the barrel of your pistol. A perfectly cut cove molding surrounds the base of your stand. After final sanding, your stand received several coats of oil/wax buffed by hand to a satin luster. The upper pedestal which contacts your pistol is sealed with a dewaxed shellac to protect the finish of your pistol. Contact Robert to select your timber and velvet choice. An optional turnstile is included for ease of photography (use turnstile with caution as to not dislodge your gun from the stand). Robert will request an outline of the barrel of your pistol to ensure a perfect fit. The process is very easily accomplished with a pen and piece of paper.

Pricing per pistol stand is $180 plus shipping.

Ebonized Oak Stand and black velvet. Custom 1911 and photograph graciously provided by Erick at Cheating Death Custom Guns in Miami Florida. Connect with Erick at emgtraining101@gmail.com

Ebonized Oak Stand with black velvet. Custom Les Baer Custom Monolith 1911 and photograph provided by Dirty Harry Gun Group. Connect with them on instagram at dirty harry_gungroup

Walnut Stand with black velvet. A great way to show off this gorgeous Smith and Wesson 38 Special!

A very special Birdseye Maple and red velvet stand made for a client in Thailand. His stand matches the pistol display case I crafted for his Desert Eagle 50 caliber pistol.

A Walnut stand with red velvet. This stand is gorgeous and displayed this Smith and Wesson 4506 service weapon.

Pistol Display Case

Double Pistol Display Case


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