Truss Style Farmhouse Table

Farmhouse Truss Style Dining Table. We make “Farmhouse” look good! Handcrafted with the highest quality materials unlike most farmhouse tables available today. As a classically trained furniture maker, I designed this table to last a lifetime. Let me begin with the top which is constructed of 1 1/2″ thick solid hardwood. All my lumber is purchased rough sawn from the mill. I carefully mill the hardwood to its final thickness in stages to allow the wood to adjust to its new environment. This process prevents cupping, twisting, warping and cracking found in all “big box store” DIY lumber. Boards are then joined with wood glue and floating tenons. Breadboard ends are available as an option with through mortise and tenon joinery and hardwood pegs. This old world technique helps keep your top flat, conceals the end grain and provides a handcrafted feel. The base of the tables are constructed of solid 4×4 timbers. The end sections are joined to the center stretcher with mortises and concealed carriage bolts. This allows the base to be disassembled if the table needs to be moved. Seating for six dimensions are 30″ H x 72”L X 42″W. A longer top can be crafted for an eight person table. Matching benches are available. This gorgeous table will be the center of attention for all of your cherished family gatherings.

Available for commission only – Pricing starts at $1800.

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