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Handcrafted Single Pistol Display Case in Ebonized Oak with figured German Oak Interior

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After checkout, I will ship you a block of memory foam to easily cast the outline of your pistol

Handcrafted Single Pistol Display Case customized for your pistol in Ebonized Oak with figured German Oak Interior. I use old world techniques to craft each pistol display case to order. Sixteen tenons are used to construct the carcass of the case. No detail is overlooked including hand carved legs, chamfered edges, mortised glass top, cove molding, fully mortised concealed high quality SOSS hinges and the finest highly polished stainless steel locking mechanism imported from Ireland. The interior receives a mortise cut to the exact dimensions of your pistol(s) and trimmed in premium velvet. I finish the case with several coats of an oil-wax blend applied and buffed by hand.Oak is probably my most requested finish.

White oak is coveted by designers and furniture makers for its deep straight grain, strength and density. I use the highest quality white oak normally using rift-sawn pieces for the carcass of the case. Oak has a high tannin content which makes it a great choice for this technique. The technique relies on a solution which reacts with the tannins in the oak and permanently changes the tone to a glorious ebony with some deep undertones of brown and beige. This technique is far better than black stain, paint or tint because ebonization becomes a permanent part of the wood which then retains all its grain and character. The interior of your case will be constructed of figured fumed German Oak veneer with velvet lacing around the outline of the pistol and matching velvet padding under the pistol.

I will contact you after checkout to help you with the layout of your interior and for you to select your velvet color (black, red, blue or green).

THANK YOU for supporting Craft in America!

(This case is for display purposes only- your firearm must be stored unloaded. Ensure magazine is empty and no round is in the chamber. The case is not enforced in any way to protect from accidental discharge or theft. In some US States it is illegal to leave a firearm unsecured. We advocate responsible firearm ownership and advise you to follow all state laws pertaining to securing your firearm.)

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