Pistol Display Case

A handcrafted heirloom quality pistol display case for your prized possession

My goal in designing this handcrafted pistol display case was for it to become a treasured keepsake. As a classically trained furniture maker, I use old world techniques to craft each pistol display case to order. Sixteen tenons are used to construct the carcass of the case. No detail is overlooked including hand carved legs, chamfered edges, mortised glass top, cove molding, fully mortised concealed high quality SOSS hinges and the finest highly polished stainless steel locking mechanism imported from Ireland. The interior receives a mortise cut to the exact dimensions of your pistol(s) and trimmed in premium velvet. I finish the case with several coats of an oil-wax blend applied and buffed by hand!



Ebonized Oak is probably my most requested finish. White oak is coveted by designers and furniture makers for its deep straight grain, strength and density. I use the highest quality white oak normally using rift-sawn pieces for the carcass of the case. Oak has a high tannin content which makes it a great choice for this technique. The technique relies on a solution which reacts with the tannins in the oak and permanently changes the tone to a glorious ebony with some deep undertones of brown and beige. This technique is far better than black stain, paint or tint because ebonization becomes a permanent part of the wood which then retains all its grain and character.

American Walnut

What more can be said about American Walnut. It’s classic medium chocolate brown tone with dark grain was used by our ancestors for fine furniture. In the past few year it has become especially coveted by designers and furniture makers and had become increasingly expensive and difficult to source. The timber’s buttery smooth texture makes it a pleasure to work. Contact me for pricing due to the increasing demand and on-going price increases in the timber.

American Cherry

Cherry is a beautiful American hardwood found in quality antique furniture. It has a light brown tone with reddish hues and light colored grain. Cherry can be left with its natural tone after being milled or an old world technique can be used to patina your cherry to a medium brown tone. Both methods will result in a beautiful heirloom quality case.

Sapele Mahogany

Sapele Mahogany is an African timber which greatly resembles our American Mahogany. The timber has a gorgeous medium brown tone with reddish undertones. The timber is incredibly straight and true and is a pleasure to work. I often use quarter sawn boards which reveal an amazing straight grain with incredible chatoyance.

Maple with birdseye maple insert

Maple is a beautiful timber with a light amber tone. It is cherished by Furniture makers for its strength and density. When fresh milled, maple presents as a very light cream color but over time it will patina to a beautiful amber tone with translucent grain lines. I often accent the interior of a maple case with rare figured versions such and Birdseye or Tiger Maple.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

I just got back at 4:30 this morning and rushed to open the box from you. I must say, your box is quite impressive.  Just as you describe in your enclosed letter, the natural beauty of the wood takes center stage, rather than the artificial texture and hues of a stain.  I’m not a furniture maker, and do not have much experience with woodworking at all, but the box is obviously solidly constructed with an attention to detail the belies a generational keepsake. Not unlike the gun itself, I think.I wanted something truly special for my revolver and, sir, I have it. You will be hearing from me again.” – Christopher X.

This box is gorgeous. Once the gun is nestled inside, it takes it to another realm – Armondo S. 

Beautiful work! It will be treasured and handed down one day” – Glen H.

To say it’s beautiful would be an understatement. Your craft is amazing and I am just sitting here with my coffee enjoying this piece. Thanks so much, couldn’t be happier with everything. I’ll be sure to send business your way in the future!! “- Steve H.

I was able to purchase two Trump 45 cal. commemorative handguns.  Very beautiful pieces. However, sitting in my safe in cardboard boxes just didn’t seem right. My wife and I met Robert at a show. We found that he is a craftsman and handbuilds custom wooden gun display boxes, after admiring his finished cases we decided to let him build one for my “TRUMPS”.  After careful measurements he came up with a display case that the president himself would be proud to display in the whitehouse. A true masterpiece that will be in our lives forever. Robert paid close attention to ever detail down to the hand carved legs and the nickel finished lock assembly and the hand rubbed finish, no stain, oil and wax finish. Absolutely beautiful. In the near future we will have him do more display cases for us, one for my military service and one for my law enforcement career.” – Les S.

Beautiful heirloom quality pistol case! Incredibly detailed craftsmanship and perfect design and fit. Awesome! “ – John K.

Truly amazing! Everything about this purchase was the absolute best of the best! I received my item today and WOWWW it is amazing! The quality and craftsmanship and all the way from his communication and packing Robert leaves nothing out- all of it is top notch. I will be ordering much more from Robert Wolfkill very soon!” -Chris M.

My latest work was just delivered to Richard in Vegas! Ebonized Oak Purple Heart Tribute Case for his Purple Heart 1911 Pistol!

About the maker/designer

I am a fine furniture maker/designer working from my studio in the foothills of Appalachian Mountains in Ball Ground GA. The pistol display case is my original design, so much more than a “gun box”. It is designed and constructed like a piece of fine furniture. Each pistol display case is built exclusively with my skilled hands and requires approximately 40 hours to handcraft. I received my training at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship (CFC) in Rockport Maine. I value each custom project and the relationship built with my clients. I hope this webpage will answer any question you may have about ordering a custom made case, but if not please feel free to connect with me for a free consultation.

Select your timber

Each case is handmade to order. Choose your favorite species of hand selected timber for your pistol display case- Walnut, Cherry, Antiqued Cherry, Rift sawn White Oak, Ebonized Riftsawn White Oak, Maple or Sapele Mahogany. I purchase the timber rough-sawn from the mill and carefully plane and joint to final dimensions, obsessing over tone and grain selection. My pistol display cases are never stained, the beautiful tone and grain produced by Mother Nature always takes center stage! Your pistol display case receives several coats of a high end, hand rubbed oil and wax finish which protects and showcases the natural beauty of the wood grain.

Customize your new pistol display case

The exact outline of your pistol will be captured via high tech memory foam which will be mailed to you. I will use these dimensions to craft the wooden inlay. When the inlay is perfected, your pistol “nests” inside the presentation case on top of finely padded velvet in your choice of black, blue, red or green. I can also apply velvet trim to the inlay around the outline of the pistol. A magazine, challenge coin or finely engraved plate are usually chosen to accompany your pistol. The bottom of each pistol display case can be engraved with your name and badge number/military service number or any other message of your choice.

Standard Case Measurements

I often make dimensional changes to the size of my cases for custom projects. Connect with me via the form below to discuss!

The exterior measurements of my standard sized single pistol case is 13 1/2”L x 10 1/4” W x 4 1/4” H. This will generously fit up to a Desert Eagle 50 cal pistol.

The Interior display area measures 11 1/2” L x 8 3/8” W. Use these dimensions to check the fit of your pistol! This is a handmade item therefore all dimensions are approximate.

How to get started with your custom build.

My pistol display case is available by custom order only. This illustration should help answer some of the most common questions regarding the process. As you can see there are many choices- timber and velvet selection and interior case layout.

The exact outline of your pistol and accessories will be captured via a piece of high tech compression foam which I will mail to you. I will use this outline to craft the wood and velvet insert for the interior of your pistol display case.

Build time for a custom pistol display case is normally 4-6 weeks but connect with me to receive a more precise timeline! Feel free to use the contact form below or call (954-605-5367). Any questions you may have will be addressed.

Pricing and Shipping

Contact me today to commission your presentation case –pricing for a standard single pistol display case is $900 USD with shipping and handling included to United States.

YES! I ship overseas, connect with me for a quote.

This case is for display purposes only- your firearm must be stored unloaded. Ensure magazine is empty and no round is in the chamber. The case is not enforced in any way to protect from accidental discharge or theft. In some US States it is illegal to leave a firearm unsecured. We always advocate responsible firearm ownership and advise you to follow all state laws pertaining to securing your firearm.

This special edition case is now available for purchase and customization for your pistol! Select cherrywood was used for the exterior of the case. The cherry received a hand rubbed oil and wax finish and will patina to a darker ton with age. The interior is a gorgeous select quarter sawn Jatoba trimmed with walnut. We love the complimentary interior and the way the three different woods come together to create a one of a kind piece. Connect with me to discuss purchasing this case and starting the customization of the interior for your prized possession.

Connect with Robert to discuss your custom project!

    Ebonized Oak with imported German Smoked Oak interior for this handsome 1911.


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