Trinity Layered Hardwood Cross

My Trinity layered hardwood cross is handcrafted from three separate hardwoods signifying the Holy Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). Fourteen pieces of select hardwoods are layered during the crafting of the cross. After the hardwood is cut to size, it is sanded smooth and all pieces are carefully laminated together. Like most of my work, the hardwood is never stained, I use beautifully contrasting species with an oil and wax finish and put mother nature’s spectacular work on center stage!

In stock (12 each) Approximate dimensions 13”L x 7 “W x 7/8” H, size and hardwood species may vary because each cross is hand crafted – $50

In stock (1 each) Approximate dimensions 24”L x 13”w x 7/8” H with bamboo inlay – $180

Please feel free to contact me via the form below with any questions or to check on availability or lead time for a custom order!