Double Pistol Display Case

An heirloom quality case handcrafted for your prized possessions

The double pistol case is the newest addition to my lineup. It is my premier case, approximately 20 percent larger than my standard one pistol display case but I preserved the same gorgeous proportions. My goal in designing this beautifully handcrafted double pistol display case was for it to become a treasured keepsake. As a classically trained furniture maker, I use old world techniques to craft each pistol display case to order. Sixteen tenons are used to construct the carcass of the case. No detail is overlooked including hand carved legs, chamfered edges, mortised glass top, cove molding, fully mortised concealed high quality SOSS hinges and highly polished stainless locking mechanism imported from Ireland.

About the Designer/Maker

I am a fine furniture maker/designer working from my studio near Palm Beach Florida. This pistol display case is my original design, so much more than a “box”, designed and constructed like a piece of fine furniture. Each pistol display case is built exclusively with my skilled hands and requires approximately 40 hours to handcraft. I received my training at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship (CFC) in Rockport Maine. CFC is one of the finest furniture making schools in the United States. I value each custom project and the relationship built with my clients. Connect with me for a free consultation.

Select your timber

Each double pistol display case is handcrafted to order. Choose from your favorite species of hand selected timber- Walnut, Cherry, Antiqued Cherry, Rift sawn White Oak, Ebonized Riftsawn White Oak, Maple or Sapele Mahogany to be used for your double pistol display case. I select the timber rough-sawn from the mill and carefully plane and joint to final dimensions, obsessing over tone and grain selection. My pistol display cases are never stained, the beautiful tone and grain produced by Mother Nature takes center stage! Your double pistol display case receives several coats of a high end, hand rubbed oil and wax finish which protects and showcases the natural beauty of the wood grain.

The exact outline of your pistols will be captured via high tech memory foam which will be mailed to you. I will use these dimensions to craft a wooden inlay. When the inlay is perfected, your pistol “nests” inside the double pistol display case on top of finely padded velvet in your choice of black, blue or red. Velvet trim can be added to the inlay around the edges of the pistol’s outline. The bottom of each pistol display case can be engraved with your name and badge number/military service number or any other message of your choice.

How to get started with your custom build.

My double pistol display case is available by custom order only. This illustration should help answer some of the most common questions regarding the process. As you can see there are many choices such as timber/ velvet selection and interior case layout.

The exact outline of your pistols and accessories will be captured via a piece of high tech compression foam which I will mail to you. I will use this outline to craft the wood and velvet insert for the interior of your pistol display case.

Build time for a custom pistol display case is normally 4-6 weeks but connect with me to receive a more precise timeline! Feel free to use the contact form below or call (954-605-5367). Any questions you may have will be addressed.

Standard Dimensions

I often deviate from my standard Double Pistol Case Measurements for custom projects. Connect with me to discuss! Standard sized Double Pistol Display Case measurements are 17 1/4 “L x 13 1/4” W x 4 3/4” H. Interior display area 15” x 10 7/8” – Use these dimensions to check the placement of your pistols. This is a handmade item – all dimensions are approximate.

Pricing and Shipping

Contact me today to commission your display case – $1200.
Shipping and handling are included anywhere in the United States. YES, I ship overseas, connect with me for a quote!

This case is for display purposes only- your firearm must be stored unloaded. Ensure magazine is empty and no round is in the chamber. The case is not enforced in any way to protect from accidental discharge or theft. In some US States it is illegal to leave a firearm unsecured. We advodate responsible firearm ownership and advise you to follow all state laws pertaining to securing your firearm.

Gallery of Double Pistol Display Case Projects

Nothing beats the warm glow of North American Cherry. The timber has always been cherished by furniture makers. Cherry has a light pink hew when fresh cut and slowly patinas to a dark brown reddish tone in time. I can use a technique to antique the cherry which expedites the process. This double pistol display case was commissioned by a client in the United Arab Emirates- Dubai and the Custom 1911 firearms were graciously provided by Erick Gonzalez of Cheating Death Custom guns in Miami Fl.

Connect with Erick at (786) 344-3599

This Pistol DIsplay Case was commissioned by a CEO in the tech industry in North Carolina for his beautiful pair of Desert Eagle Pistol 50 caliber pistols. The double pistol display case is constructed from Southern American Walnut with blue velvet.

This double pistol display case was commissioned by a retired Police Commander for his collection of 24K Gold Kahr Arms Trump Commemorative .45 Caliber pistols. He was fortunate to have collected No.1 and No.45 of only 45 pistols made. As you can see there is ample room in my walnut double pistol display case for the small enraged plate and two collectable challenge coins.

This Double Pistol Display Case was commissioned by employees of a Commanding Officer of a Police Department in Pennsylvania . It was a retirement gift from his staff and co-workers. He is a WWII collector and we were able to create an heirloom quality display for his WWII Colt 1911 and WWII German Lugar. Such an epic project, constructed on a lighter tone of Southern American Walnut which will darken with age. We choose red velvet and velvet ribbon around the edges of the pistols profile.

This is my latest work is pistol display case No.47. A double pistol display case for a large custom Sig Sauer long-side. The double display was used for this pistol to allow more room for the long pistol. I included hand cut round over profile mitered around the edges of the insert. I used a very special burl walnut veneer for the interior. Constructed of southern American walnut and black velvet.

One of my most popular finishes is ebonized oak. I start with select American White Oak. Using an old world technique, I ebonize the parts of the pistol display case prior to gluing the case. This technique turns the white oak to a glorious ebony tone but preserves all of the grain and character. Unlike a black stain or paint, this technique embeds the ebony tone deep into the grainy utilizing the tannin found naturally inside the oak. The case is finished with hand rubbed oil and wax. This double pistol display case was commission by a member of the US Military who specializes in Historical Affairs. The collection of 1800s Smith and Wesson No 1/2, 1 and 2 are an incredible collection of US history.

This case was commissioned by a client in California to display a very rare James Hoaq three barrel long-slide 1911 set. Hoaq was a famous gunsmith and competition shooter in the California area. The double pistol display case is constructed of cherrywood. I used an old world technique to antique the cherrywood which will continue to patina to a dark reddish brown. We used red velvet ribbon to trim the outline of the pistol and extra slides.

This double pistol display case was commissioned by a West Point Graduate. He contacted me to build a case for his West Point 1911 and his sons 1911. He chose cherrywood because it would match the grips on his gun which are made from Cherry from the grounds of the West Point Academy. An engraved plate was added to memorialize the set!

An amazing project for Erick from Cheating Death Guns in Miami FL. Ericks set of 1911s (both Government Model and Commander) together in one beautiful double pistol display case. Constructed of his favorite finish – ebonized oak with black velvet trim. I included a custom engraving of his amazing logo in the center of the case!

An amazing antique cherry Double Pistol Display Case for a client in Philadelphia! I was commissioned to craft this double Desert Eagle display for an an amazing set of 50 caliber pistols. I love the way the gold finish of the guns looks with the cherry and red velvet!

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