Adirondack Chair

African Mahogany Adirondack Chairs

These handcrafted chairs are designed for aesthetics, durability and comfort. I start with select African Mahogany. This wood is known for its gorgeous mahogany grain and insect/weather resistance. All hardware used on this chair is top quality (stainless steel) and recessed screw holes are seamlessly covered with mahogany plugs which are trimmed flush. My chairs are finished with a hand rubbed blend of Linseed Oil which showcases the grain as it penetrates and protects the wood. Unlike most outdoor wooden furniture that is ruined when the varnish crackles, this chair only needs a few minutes of attention once or twice a year to re-apply a thin coat of the Linseed Oil Blend to retain the original luster and beauty of the piece. Some clients choose not to re-apply the oil and opt for the beautiful and rustic silver coloring that occurs over time.

Built to survive the harsh elements of south Florida, this chair will grace your entryway, dock or yard. They are built to order and sell for $500 USD before shipping and tax.

There is something special about sitting in this truly handsome and comfortable chair.