Custom Presentation Case

About the maker

Robert Wolfkill is a fine furniture designer/maker handcrafting original work from his studio near Palm Beach Florida.

About the Presentation Case

Handcrafted to the highest standards, my custom Presentation Case will make an incredible addition to your collection. The cases are replicas of the original wooden case that came with the Heckler and Koch pistol when purchased new. I was advised that many of the original cases (most likely made by hand in Germany) are in disrepair and if a clients gun was customized it would not fit. Each cases a new challenge to craft because custom pistols and accessories are must be size to match the exact profile/depth of the hand cut inlay and felt work.

About the Materials

I use select Sapele Mahogany, high quality hinges and a locking clasp for each Presentation Case. The Mahogany is first milled to its final dimensions and then bonded in a butcher block fashion. The butcher block blanks are the foundation for the Presentation Case. The butcher block provides a strong foundation for the case which helps counteracts natural wood movement and will keep the case flat over time. An outline of the pistol and accessories are used to cut the deep custom inlays. Once the inlays are perfected, they receive custom felt work around the outline and bottom and top of the Presentation Case.

How to capture the dimensions of your pistol

I will ship a piece of high tech memory foam to you. Capturing the exact dimensions of your custom pistol and accessories is easy and accurate. I will use these dimensions to create a template and cut the inlays into the solid wood case.


The Presentation Cases are custom made for your pistol and accessories, so sizes and pricing varies. Connect with Robert to discuss making your custom case. Pricing starts at $600USD. Timeline for the project will vary based on current shop bookings.

View Robert’s Pistol Display Case

Pistol Display Case

View Robert’s Double Pistol Display Case

Double Pistol Display Case

Connect with Robert to discuss your custom project!

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